Saturday, November 12, 2011

Kenny Kirkland playing "La Belle Dame Sans Regrets" by Sting

Here is a tasteful piano solo from Kenny Kirkland on "La Belle Dame Sans Regrets" from Sting's "Mercury Falling" album released in 1996.  Kenny's Piano solo is from 1:43 to 2:43. Enjoy!

Kenny Kirkland Diminished Lick - Jazz Piano Lesson

Kenny Kirkland was an outstanding jazz pianist who was really coming into his own during the mid 1990s, unfortunately, he died prematurely of congestive heart failure at age 43.

There was a HIP diminished lick that Kenny would often play over altered dominant cords. Below are a couple of videos of Kenny using this hip diminished lick. Following the videos of Kenny below is my video teaching you how to play this lick. Enjoy!

YES OR NO      Lick can be heard here: 4:20-4:22

DONNA LEE         Lick can be heard here: 1:10-1:12

Alton Merrell Teaching Kenny Kirkland's Diminished Lick